Sunday, October 17, 2010


I haven't posted in some time but now I will be updating weekly. So I am a bit busy with homework from IB and sports teams but I am still continuing to improve the program in Ottawa.

I am beginning to focus more on individuals, helping the ones that are struggling. Most of the players can play a full game with few problems but some need help. And even out of those players who can play the game, few understand all the rules and concepts.

Right now, I am giving basic lessons, on tactical motifs and basic checkmates. Most of the students have mastered these schemes and from time to time, I see some games where these schemes are used.

Most of the students are obedient and will listen to me but a couple are quite turbulent. I am resolving this problem by giving them more challenges and puzzles to keep them busy. Also, many of the students seem to enjoy stickers so that comes in handy :)

All in all, the program is under control and running really smoothly.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Chess in the Library

The second session of CITL in Ottawa was today and although there were some rough parts, it was still successful. This time, there were 30 kids in all and I only had one helper with me. Sometimes, the children became too turbulent but we always managed to calm them down. All in all, another great session of CITL.

Again, I would like to thank David Li for taking a bye in a tournement to come help me. Looking forward to next week's session.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ottawa Chess in the Library Grand Opening

Today, I taught the first class in Chess in the Library (Ottawa branch). It was a huge success, pulling in 28 people with 12 others on the waiting list. The class went very smoothly and the kids had fun playing against each other. It was great watching them enjoy chess and all the hard work more than worth it (:

I would like to thank David Li and Liban Farah for being excellent helpers and making the class go very smoothly. I couldn't have asked for better helpers.

I look forward to next Saturday when I will be teaching again!