Sunday, October 17, 2010


I haven't posted in some time but now I will be updating weekly. So I am a bit busy with homework from IB and sports teams but I am still continuing to improve the program in Ottawa.

I am beginning to focus more on individuals, helping the ones that are struggling. Most of the players can play a full game with few problems but some need help. And even out of those players who can play the game, few understand all the rules and concepts.

Right now, I am giving basic lessons, on tactical motifs and basic checkmates. Most of the students have mastered these schemes and from time to time, I see some games where these schemes are used.

Most of the students are obedient and will listen to me but a couple are quite turbulent. I am resolving this problem by giving them more challenges and puzzles to keep them busy. Also, many of the students seem to enjoy stickers so that comes in handy :)

All in all, the program is under control and running really smoothly.

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